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Fedora 13, hp620, realtek 8171

I recently bought new laptop HP620 & without OS. This machine is  “office-book” category

After installation Fedora 13 there was an WiFi issue which I successfully solved. I’d like to share my solutions with you guys:

Wireless networking (no wifi available in NetworkManager):
WiFi card which lspci represented as:

  02:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device 8171 (rev 10)

basically this 8171 is equal to RTL8191SE (nowadays RTL8191SE-VA2).
So this driver is needed (download it) :
Then utar it (tar -zxvpf rtl8192se-xyz.tar.gz )

Few more tools are required ( yum -y install kernel-devel make gcc )

  make; make install; reboot

Finally wifi networks appeared in NetworkManager


25 August, 2010 Posted by | Linux | 8 Comments