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Fedora 13, hp620, HD audio

Someone could be experienced by problem with sound card on hp620, so combination of old kernel & old ALSA drivers caused weird issue – you can hear sounds only through headphones, but there is no speaker sound (everything looks ok – HW, tests, volume sliders).

If you have still problem with it, you can use this workaround:

Download & install last ALSA drivers:

  wget -O
  chmod 755
  ./ --kmodules

The last command remove old kernel modules & loaded new, but the actual modules are hold by other dependents. So you can switch to runlevel 3 and back to 5 like this – open terminal and run command:

  telinit 3

Then login as root; then run alsa-compile & change runlevel again:

  ./ --kmodules
  telinit 5

That’s all.


26 September, 2010 Posted by | Linux | Leave a comment